{getting creative with cos!}

I've been a bit absent of late - blame it on lettuce! Yep lettuce, and assorted salad leaves, of all kinds and persuasions: cos, butter, iceberg (really doesn't deserve it's bad reputation!), radicchio, rocket etc etc...

I'm super excited about a little project I'm working on with a prominent healthy 'fast-food' retailer at the moment. I'm getting all creative with using salad leaves in other ways than drowning them in dressing. I'll be able to reveal more in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!

Image: via the kitchn

{flowers & the city - a New York sidewalk}

If only all city sidewalks were this pretty... If there were gardens like these dotted about I really do believe people working in the city would be a lot happier. I remember too well how bland, dreary and grey the city looked while wandering about on my lunch break, and how happy I would be when I'd stumble across a florist stand or a burst of colour like this time.

I'm off into the CBD today for a client visit (very exciting - a balcony garden in the middle of Darlinghurst!) and to take a look at the beautiful window displays of David Jones' annual Spring Flower Show - photos tomorrow I promise!

Image: Tony Bielaczyc @ Martha Stewart

{S P R I N G!!!}

Ooops I'm a day late...

I was out enjoying the glorious first day of Spring!

Images: {hort couture}